An archery-specific strength training and corrective exercise program designed to relieve pain, fix injury, and improve performance in all archers.

This training system includes weekly training videos with exercises demonstrated by Christian Williams, focused on improving the archers' mobility, stability, strength, stamina, and control in the core, back, and shoulders. This system is designed to effectively address the physical needs of compound, traditional, and Olympic recurve archers.


Once you enroll, you will gain access to the full training system. When you would like to use your training, you will login in the top right hand corner of this web page. Bands and light dumbbells are required for this training system. No commitment, cancel any time.

Strength and Stamina

An archer needs sufficient strength to be able to overcome forces and execute movements in the presence of load. An archer needs stamina to delay fatigue and maintain accuracy.


An archer needs adequate range of motion in the spine, shoulder blades, and shoulder joints so that they can access positions and movements within the shot without encountering resistance or tightness.


An archer needs shoulder control so that they can command shoulder movement, find positions, and maintain form with every rep.


An archer needs a stable shoulder girdle and stable shoulder joints so that they can resist forces, hold steady, and execute solid movements.